12 Free Tools to browse safely with your computer or mobile

12 Free Tools to browse safely with your computer or mobile. My toolkit for safe Internet browsing. Internet browsing is becoming more and more insecure. After that, so it is a priority that we use tools that protect us against all types of attacks that seek to access our most sensitive. After that, delicate and private information, especially. After that, the keys to tools that we use very frequently. such as email, social networks, blog, etc. The objective of this free toolkit is to make your Internet browsing simpler, easier and safer.

12 Free Tools Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

12 Free Tools avast mobile security & antivirus. There is no doubt that we use more and more mobile phones to browse the Internet. In addition, and some of the actions we carry out need to be secure because we make online purchases or other actions where we are going to provide confidential and very sensitive data, because Outlook Email Lists  with this antivirus you can do it safely. Therefore, Free Mobile Security has several features to protect your mobile phone against viruses and possible thieves. Therefore, the antivirus hides itself and requires a PIN to uninstall it.

Malwarebytes Antirootkit

 The tool that destroys rootkits. A rootkit is a specific type of technology, not always malicious. After that, introduces and hides a program and its processes on your computer so that they are not detected. Therefore, it is difficult to detect advanced malicious rootkits. But detection is only part of the problem. The most serious problem may be to repair critical system files damaged by malicious rootkits. Sometimes it is necessary to completely format the hard drive. Detect TH Lists and remove infections and new hidden threats. 

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