The mission and vision of a business The   that are fundamental elements of its identity, Therefore, they help define the purpose and direction of a brand . However, Hence the importance of building them in a clear and effective way. In other words, The mission is the DNA of the business , the reason for being, what it does, for whom and how. While the vision focuses on the objectives that are expected to be achieved. In other words, the mission is what your brand does in the. In other words, present and the vision is the way it projects itself for the future . They are not elements that are built at random, they require strategy . In other words, So, we put together a step-by-step guide so that you understand everything about the matter.

Intranet improve work The that 

Intranets have historically been private web portals used to host documents and send communications to staff. However, many of them did not provide a real solution to joint work problems or improve internal communication. Even though company data there was an intranet, members of the different departments continued to communicate via email or telephone; and they also did not have virtual spaces for interaction and the exchange of ideas in real time. That changed with the arrival of the social intranet to the corporate world. What makes it different from old intranets.

Best suits our needs

As you already know, Bundi has been the little program that we have created. To cover the first and essential of Iron Blogger ‘s tasks/challenges : controlling those registered so that they publish. But, shortly after we began to lay the foundations TH Lists for its operation, we realized that if it was able to determine that someone had not fulfilled their commitment, once the deadline had expired, it would also be able to detect that someone was approaching the deadline. without fulfilling it. And, if he could detect it, he could warn that person that she was about to “have to pay.”


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