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Differences between responsive and mobile friendly websites First of all, we should clarify what exactly responsive and what mobile-friendly website means. Responsive website means a site with dynamic content that changes according to the screen size. For example, the size of the images changes and the empty spaces take the right shape according to the nees. A mobile-friendly site, on the other hand, simply has a simplifie version for mobile devices. It doesn’t adapt to the screen like responsive, but it avoids usability problems because it’s kept to a minimum, reucing any possible navigational difficulties. But which solution would be the most appropriate to choose? In fact, the market makes this decision for us. There are many different devices in use with very different screen sizes.

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Nowadays, it is almost impossible to open . A few years ago, this option still existe and WordPress plugins were simply installe to create mobile-friendly versions of websites and blogs. But now it has change quickly and we can safely assume that all websites phone number list with higher traffic have already change their design to “responsive”. Now like terrible solutions, but every year things get even better and more modern. Today, the solution is simple: find and install a responsive website design. It’s that simple. providers by searching on Google, and there are both paid and free options available.

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To find the best design, you nee to pay attention to TH Lists your field and the design you prefer. Responsive website graphical features From a visual perspective, responsive design is characterize by: Large text size for optimal reading at any resolution. Selectable elements (links, buttons, etc.) at a sufficient distance from each other: everything must be simplifie for the finger that has to select them on the touch screen.

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