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Senior citizen discounts vary from one college to another. As such, it’s a good idea to ask around and see what options are available before deciding on where to attend. That said, all University of Montana colleges waive tuition for residents 65 and over, which is broadly in line with what’s available in other states. Nebraska Unfortunately, Nebraska is another state without any real state-support cyber-awareness programs or initiatives. On the plus side, Do Space holds free online webinars on all kinds of tech topics, from podcasting to PowerPoint. There are even weekly tech-help events specifically design for seniors, and you can choose which volunteer you’d like to speak to.

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While it’s likely that your local library offers some form of computer training, many fail to specifically mention this on their websites. In fact, even some that do only provide Norway Phone Number List minimal details. For instance, Lincoln Public Library and Norfolk Public Library both offer training, but this seems to be design to help with specific tasks, rather than to provide an overview of a broad topic like cybersecurity. Omaha Public Library has a collection of beginner-focus tech guides that can be access without a library card. These include lessons on identifying misinformation and basic online etiquette.

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There are also links to DigitalLearn and OnGuardOnline, two great free resources for learning cyber-awareness. Thinking about higher ucation? Every college has its own senior citizen discounts, but if you attend Chadron State College, you can have tuition waiv entirely (provid you’re at least 65 years old). The only downside is that you’d be auditing a class, and therefore, not earning crit. Lewis and Clark library usually has classes on the go, but these have been temporarily suspend due to TH Lists the pandemic. If there’s any doubt, we recommend contacting your local library directly and asking if it provides any kind of computer training.

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