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Ask your mobile carrier if it offers this service, and set it up if it does. If you can set up a systematic call-back in your account, when the attacker attempts to impersonate you to convince your carrier to port your number to their SIM card, your carrier would first call you back on your current phone (which holds your current SIM card). And you would be aware that someone was trying to tamper with your account before they could do any damage.

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How can you protect your personal information online? Whether you want to avoid SIM swapping fraud specifically or any other online attack, these are all common sense tips that can assist you in protecting your personal information in such a connect. world. Almost every type of attack has a social engineering/phishing component. Putting these common-sense tips into practice will help. Use a firewall – All major operating systems have a Belarus Phone Number List built-in incoming firewall, and all commercial routers on the market have a built-in NAT firewall. You should enable them as they may protect you in the event that you click a malicious link. Only buy well-review. and genuine antivirus software from legitimate vendors and configure it to run frequent scans at regular intervals. Never click on pop-ups. You never know where they’ll take you next.

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If your browser displays a warning about a website you are trying to access, you should pay attention and get the information you ne. elsewhere. Don’t open attachments in emails unless you know exactly who sent the attachment and what it is. Don’t click links (URLs) in emails unless you know exactly who sent the URL and where it links to. And even TH Lists then, inspect the link carefully. Is it an HTTP or an HTTPS link? Most legitimate sites use HTTPS today. Does the link contain spelling errors (faceboook instead of facebook)? If you can get to the destination without using the link, do that instead.

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