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North Carolina North Carolina’s ReadyNC preparness program has tips on what to do before, after, and during a cyberattack but fails to actually explain what these are. It does, however, link to the Department of Homeland Security’s Stop.Think.Connect. campaign in case you’d like to do a little more research. The Attorney General’s website also provides a basic internet security section, but again, this is only really helpful if you’ve never heard of phishing before. It is possible to arrange a presentation on internet safety or cybersecurity from the AG’s staff, but these are intend for groups, not individuals.

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On the plus side, plenty of places offer computer awareness training, including Computer Training Bridge, which has free classes for over 50s online and at 40 locations across Forsyth. Fayetteville Senior Center, Greensboro Public Library, Durham County Library, and Chatham Community Library all offer some form of class too, so it pays toNamibia Phone Number List  ask around to find out what programs are available. Thanks to House Bill 702, a 2017 amendment to G.S. 115D-5(b), NC residents ag 65 and up can get six crit hours and one course without crit tuition-free at any community college they like. North Dakota North Dakota’s local government website provides a very broad description of what cybersecurity is and why it’s important.

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However, it doesn’t really explain how to protect yourself in any meaningful way. This is problematic, given that there doesn’t appear to be a state-wide push for better digital awareness. Once again, local libraries are the unsung heroes. Many of these allow you to sign into the Online Dakota Information Network (ODIN) using your TH Lists library card, which grants access to all kinds of articles, books, and journals, many of which cover computing topics. Others, like Bismarck Library and North Dakota State Library offer online computer lessons via NicheAcademy or Zoom calls.

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