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Because well-produc content delivers more than simple information. it delivers experiences . With the competition we have nowadays. the customer won’t open their wallet if what you provide them isn’t something that really makes them feel different . I always like to mention. among some examples of Digital Marketing . the example of R Bull. The product itself is an energy drink like any other. but why is it so successful? Because the brand sponsors radical events; owns football teams in the most famous leagues in the world.

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The customer does not see a can of R Bull as just any drink. It associates the product with all the experiences that the brand provides through content and entertainment . 9. Aaron Agius Aaron Agius“ Create content that answers questions and solves problems . ” ” Have you ever stopp to think that searching on Google . for example. is a very intimate moment? special data It’s like a confessional! If you have a problem but are embarrass or afraid to share it with someone. you end up asking Google.

With accessible and enlightening language

With accessible and enlightening language. it gives a very good feeling. This means that. if a potential customer sees your content as a solution to a personal issue. they will no longer see you as a salesperson. but as a friend or authority. From then on. it’s as if you took him by the hand and l him. step by step. until his effective conversion into a consumer ! Tip: 5 mistakes that hinder your sales conversion and how to TH Lists avoid them 10. Ann Handley Ann Handley“Make your customer the hero of your stories.

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