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Part of this role involves keeping an organization’s handling of private data in line with state. Feral, and international data privacy regulations. This means companies ne to always abide by ethical practices. A chief privacy officer should seek to raise awareness about data privacy across the organization. This organization frequently hosts online events on subjects like internet security, fraud prevention, and identifying fake news. Unfortunately, there’s no way to watch previously-held webinars, so be sure to register for any that you find interesting ahead of time.

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Senior Planet: Holds multiple Zoom-bas events every single day. These aren’t always tech or security-relat, but you’ll often find good introductory guides to services like Twitter and Facebook. Users can also filter available events to find any that are in Spanish. Cyber Seniors: Offers a new webinar every day. Primarily covers tech topics, but Uruguay Phone Number List there’s a huge variety in terms of content. For instance, one class might teach you how to use a fax machine while another explains how to dispose of sensitive information on your computer. Selfhelp’s Virtual Senior Center: Users can create an account for free and sign in to access regular online presentations on a variety of topics.

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The tech webinars definitely skew a little basic. That said, they are very helpful for those who are new to computers. Where can I report online fraud or scams? If you’ve been the victim of online fraud, you should first get in touch with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. You can file a report online in minutes, and it’ll be referr to local law TH Lists enforcement as well as other relevant agencies, depending on the severity of the crime. The next thing you should do is contact your bank and crit card provider to let them know that you’ve been scamm. They should be able to put a hold on your accounts, preventing fraudsters from taking any more of your money.

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