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State Code 49-7-113 gives residents over the age of 65 the right to audit courses for no crit without paying tuition. You can still be charg a service fee but this is capp at $70 per semester. Texas Texas’ Attorney General has a short post on common scams, but only a few paragraphs on online fraud. Neless to say, this doesn’t adequately prepare you to browse the internet safely. House Resolution 3834 requires all governmental employees to undergo basic cybersecurity training. We search through the state’s approv vendor list and were able to find one (Jones Carter) that provides a free, one-hour training video that covers two-factor authentication, password complexity, and encryption, among other topics.

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If you happen to live in Austin, you’re in luck. A charity call Austin Free-Net offers almost daily computer literacy classes, with Spanish sessions twice per week. You can also ask the tutor for tech Portugal Phone Number List help too, if you’re having trouble with something specific. Classes are available at several different locations across the city but unfortunately, they’re all currently on hiatus due to COVID-19. Senior Planet provides similar services at its office in San Antonio, but you have to be 60+ to attend, whereas Austin Free-Net will teach anyone. Houston Library has a collection of quizzes and PowerPoint presentations that walk you through basic computer usage and security.

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These materials are completely free, and no library card is requir to access them. Austin Public Library provides online learning too, via Infobase Learning Cloud, although you’ll ne a library card for this. Meanwhile, Longview Public Library offers in-person tuition. As ever, we encourage you to reach out to your local library to see if a similar training is TH Lists available. Interest in going to college? Texas Code 54.365 gives anyone over the age of 65 the right to six crit hours of free tuition per semester. Alternatively, you can audit classes (for no crit) without paying tuition or fees.

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