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These include: SolarWinds Security Event Manager Intruder LifeLock Bitdefender Total Security Malwarebytes Mimecast CIS Snort Wireshark Webroot Kali Linux nmap Metasploit John the Ripper These tools enable you to find weaknesses that a cyber criminal could exploit, and help you develop an overall stronger security system. What skills are requir to become a security consultant? A security consultant has a specific role in an IT team, and requires a particular knowlge base and skillset. This position may also involve managing a team of security specialists, which demands other capabilities. If we keep in mind the basic duties of a security consultant, you can expect to ne the following insights and skills.

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Deep familiarity with risk management tools and how best to use them for optimal protection Computer programming skills (being well-vers in many different languages, such as Java, JavaScript, Python, C, C, and C++) In-depth understanding of network and security configuration Excellent understanding of cloud computing infrastructure Norway WhatsApp Number List and services, and network and security applications The ability to discern risks and devise solutions relat to multi-layer web systems Being able to build a company’s overall security structure across multiple platforms Critical thinking Analytical skills Excellent written and oral communication skills (as you will ne to produce written reports, deliver presentations.

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Brief teams, and raise awareness of staff members) Problem-solving skills Leadership skills Strong management techniques (creating a culture of collaboration and understanding other staff members’ perspectives) Keep in mind that most security consultants reach their position after having had at least five to seven years of experience working in cyber security. Computer science Engineering Cyber security IT Information security Programming 3. Consider the advantages of certificates TH Lists If you would like to get involv in cyber security consulting as fast as possible, then you ideally want to diversify your ucation, as well as ensure you have exactly the right skills for the role. This is where additional certificates come in.

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