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Many of these positions require that. You have at least a computer forensics degree (sometimes call a digital forensics degree) under your belt. We outline some of the key factors to consider when deciding on a degree. Including the cost of your studies, job prospects, and the prict salaries in computer forensics. Best computer forensics degrees online Do you want to pursue a digital forensics degree online? This could be the right decision for you, especially if you want more flexibility in your studies. Here are some of the most highly-rat online computer forensics degrees: 1. Champlain College Program.

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Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations Online Bachelor’s Degree Program Tuition cost: $38,160 or $318 per crit 2. University of Arizona Program: Bachelor of Appli Science in Cyber Operations (Defense & Forensics Track) Tuition cost: $60,000 or $500 per crit 3. Utica College Program: BS Cybersecurity Program with a Specialization in Network Forensics and Intrusion Investigation Cost: $57,000 or $475 per crit 4. Stevenson University Program: Online Bachelor’s in Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Cost: $54,000 or $450 per crit 5. Pace University Program: Online BS in Professional Technology Studies Tuition cost: $66,600 or $555 per crit 6. University of Advancing Technology Program: Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Forensics Online Tuition cost: $6,500 (9 crits) per semester 7. Robert Morris University Program: BS Cyber Forensics and Information Security Tuition cost: $95,400 or $795 per crit 8. DeVry University Program.

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Bachelor’s Degree with a Specialization in Computer Forensics Tuition cost: $61,680 or $514 per crit 9. Regent University Program: B.S. in Cyber & Digital Forensics Tuition cost: $47,400 or $395 per crit 10. ECPI University Program: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a Concentration in Digital Forensics Tuition cost: $7,452 per semester How to choose the right digital forensics degree Computer forensics is a fast-growing industry, with many types of degrees available that can help TH Lists you obtain one of the top jobs in the field. The list of degrees above is an excellent place to get start in your search for an ideal degree, but it’s not exhaustive.

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