Google Analytics What day and time should I publish my posts

Pssssss, silence, the only rule is that, even if we make a mistake, we are not going to repeat the video, okay?… This is how I start this post because I am very happy. Today my little sister (no longer so “ita”) accompanied me in writing and recording the video. And the fact is that we were going to go shopping but you already know that it is super important to stick to the calendar and I don’t like the posture that I have reserved at all. Well, what we’re going. In today’s post we are going to answer two questions that every blogger asks themselves sooner or later: What is the best time to launch my posts? And what is the best day of the week to publish?

Analytics vs Common Sense

Do I need to be a “calculín” to answer these questions? ( it’s cool to be told… ). No, you can answer these questions either category email list by analyzing the data you have or by applying a little common sense. For example, Saturday mornings are for going to the market, cleaning, walking, shopping, etc. Furthermore, we arrive at the weekend so saturated that we need to disconnect and it usually occurs on Saturday. TRUE? By common sense, the worst day to post is Saturday morning.

What time to publish my posts.

To find the best time to publish on our blog, we can base it on two metrics, depending on what interests us: By volume of visits: If what we are looking for are visits, to see how the Analytics graph goes up and up, then we should base ourselves on this metric. What time do I receive the most visits? Analytics tells TH Lists you. By average duration of the visit: It is possible that we are not as interested in the volume of visits as the time someone stays on our blog. If we want to hook our readers, or have them enjoy our posts by reading them calmly, perhaps it is better to take into account the metric of the average duration of the visit.

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