Local Guides and how does this Google Maps rating system work

Do you know Google’s Local Guides program. Surely you have used Google Maps on more than one occasion. Therefore, when searching for a business or when traveling. Therefore, i imagine that you have seen there the reviews left by users about some. tourist places, shops or businesses that interest you. And you wonder, can I also leave my reviews? Thanks to this program. Maps has become an authentic guide to local businesses and tourism. where you can find information and opinions of all kinds. Therefore, today I want to show you how to be part. of the Local Guides program and how its levels, scores and reward system work.

How does Google's Local Guide program work?

Local Guides is a program where users who are registered in that community leave their reviews about establishments. monuments, places, etc. Therefore, within Google Maps. At the same time, they job function email list can corroborate whether the reviews and information offered by Google maps corresponds to reality. This is a community of preferred users, who are dedicated to offering more relevant and detailed information and reviews. Therefore, than the rest of the users who are not distinguished as Local Guides. Thanks to this information left by users registered in this program. The search engine can improve the quality of the data. Shown by its Maps platform and the best places to shop. visit, eat or sleep in each city in the world. In addition, being registered gives you access to a points and badges program.

What are the rewards of this program?

You can ask Google itself to delete comments that are not truthful or offensive. What are the rewards of this program? As you manage your Local Guides account, leaving TH Lists your reviews. Therefore, uploading your videos and answering questions, among others, as we have seen in the previous section, you level up. The system is made up of 10 levels and it is only from level 4 Onwards that you can benefit from the different rewards that Google. Offers you for being within its Local Guide program. Therefore, these are some of the rewards you have access to: Free storage space in Drive. You have access to try the new Maps features before the rest of the users. You can participate in exclusive workshops and contests. When a special Local Guides event is organized , you will have an invitation.

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