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Also offers a Senior’s Guide to Online Safety that provides more tips on protecting yourself from online threats. Open Learning Initiative: This is more of a general computing class, and covers everything from network setup to regular maintenance. However, it has several security-relat modules, including some that focus on malware-detection, recognizing threats, and configuring built-in security features. Informative blog posts StaySafeOnline: This site is run by the National Cybersecurity Alliance and walks you through the basics of staying safe online.

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It also explains what common terms like “phishing” and “botnet” mean. Stop.Think.Connect.: This is a digital awareness initiative from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). It primarily caters to professionals but has plenty of content for beginners too. It covers topics like ransomware, safe online Indonesia Phone Number List shopping, and social mia. OnGuardOnline: This service is run by the Feral Trade Commission and introduces you to topics like common online scams, risks associat with P2P file-sharing, and securing your wireless connection. ProtectSeniorsOnline: Offers a handful of senior-specific blog posts and a quiz design to see if you can spot the telltale signs of an online scam. This isn’t the best place to learn everything, but might be useful when you’re getting start.

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A collection of short posts on email security. Explains what bad password habits are, how to protect yourself against social engineering, and even how to secure your data when visiting other countries. Heimdal Security: This one’s a little different. After signing up, it’ll send you a new cybersecurity lesson every two days over email. It TH Lists introduces new concepts while asking you to evaluate your existing setup for potential security flaws. While this is an interesting approach, it may be a little too slow for some people. Webinars and online events AARP.

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