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Indonesia which has been widely used, namely Pedulilindungi. By the Ministry of Communication and Information for contact and travel tracing . History and BLC by the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid to check information – distribution – and self-diagnosis. At the micro level, developers in various regions are also actively looking . Contohnya ketika kamu mau makan for ways to mitigate the pandemic. One of them is Muhammad Fathony from Semarang, Central Java. When Covid-19 started in Indonesia in March 2020, at that time Fathony (25 years old) made his debut as a programmer at the Tugurejo Regional General Hospital, a “Paripurna” accredited health facility belonging to the Central Java Provincial Government. Facing the Pandemic .

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Through 3 Applications #1 Covid – 19 Information Dashboard Having a career right at the start of the pandemic required graduates of the Front-End pathway to think creatively. He wants his work to benefit the people of Central Java, especially patients and employees of Tugurejo Regional ws number list Hospital. His place of work is one of the Covid-19 referral hospitals in Central Java province. Along with the surge in the number of Covid patients in the Central Java region, he also created a Covid-19 information dashboard which contains patient statistics at Tugurejo Regional Hospital. The purpose of this dashboard is to provide information regarding the situational situation of Covid-19 cases to prospective patients / patients / the public in general. Apart from statistical data.

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the dashboard also has other features, namely early detection. This makes it easier forcheck whether the symptoms they are experiencing are indications of COVID or not. And if so, what medical steps need to be taken. Patients can fill in data and complete a form regarding their TH Lists current body condition. Facing the Covid-19 Early Detection pandemic is one of the mainstay menus on Fathony’s Covid-19 dashboard. Check this link. The winner of the BDT Facilitation program from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy admitted that he was happy to be able to apply the knowledge he gained through classes with a total duration of 195 hours in the Front-End Web Developer learning path in Dicoding.

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