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Data is sent from a website, app, or service Tor encrypts the data The data is sent through the Tor network to the VPN server The VPN encrypts the data again The twice-encrypt data is sent from the VPN server to the end user device Tor decrypts the data The VPN decrypts the data again VPNs with built-in onion over VPN support A few VPNs come with built-in support for onion over VPN, which means you don’t ne Tor browser to get it set up. Just connect to a Tor over VPN server and you’ll be good to go.

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Some VPNs that offer onion over VPN servers include: NordVPN (our top recommendation) ProtonVPN BolehVPN Note, however, that such a feature has its pros and cons. On the plus side, you can now use any application with Tor, not just Tor Egypt Phone Number List browser. Configuring individual applications to use Tor can be a pain, so having it built into the VPN is definitely convenient. On the downside, the VPN provider could hypothetically analyze your traffic before it’s encrypt by the Tor network. Be sure to choose one with a no-logs policy. You also don’t get the other benefits of using Tor browser, like script and tracker blocking.

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If you opt to use your normal browser, websites could still identify you through stor cookies and other identifiers. Onion over VPN vs VPN over onion An alternative to onion over VPN is VPN over onion. However, if you’re using a VPN, these platforms can only see the IP address (and as such, location) of the server you choose. This means that you TH Lists can unblock geo-restrict services from anywhere by connecting to a VPN server in the appropriate country. Further, VPNs encrypt your data, keeping your activities hidden from hackers, snoopers, and oppressive governments.

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