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 Try to rank for long-tail keywords because they’re a valuable source of traffic. They’re particularly useful for: competitive niches increase conversion rates ranking new sites more easily quick wins with a limite budget you can find long-tail keywords by using google’s “people also ask” feature or by using a free keyword tool like ubersuggest or wordtracker.  It also tends to generate higher traffic volumes. Long-tail keywords can reveal what your customer is looking for and what their intentions are. For example. “shoes” is a short-tail keyword but “best walking shoes for summer” is a long-tail keyword and it provides more information about the customer’s likely next steps and intentions.

Try to rank for long-tail keywords

The ideal page speed is about two seconds. You can test your page spee by using cloudflare or google’s own pagespee insights tool. If your site is too slow. It may be because: your site has too much latest database content for your server to handle too many scripts are slowing down load times images are taking too long to load your web host is malfunctioning you can spee up your load times by: using fewer images compressing files using fewer social meia widgets optimizing images avoiding clutter using lots of white space limiting reirects limiting http requests in addition.

Through these channels

Through these channels, you can gain insight and leverage customer and business data. Types of data include demographics, website activity, email engagement, sales interactions, feedback and purchase TH Lists along with returns information and stock levels. Since the platform was built to track both websites and apps under a single platform. It will recognize when the same user that visits an ecommerce app to view some products. Adds them to a cart. But later finishes the purchase via a traditional desktop or mobile web. 4. Machine learning insights because ga4 is built with the power of google’s machine learning at its core.

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