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When you click on the “Help” option in a program, it would load help documentation in a viewer similar to a web browser complete with search, an index, and other navigation tools. .chm file open by HtmlHelper A .chm file open by HtmlHelper (hh.exe) Microsoft now considers .chm files to be potentially dangerous. In fact, they are block by Outlook, Microsoft’s email client. But there is one program that exists on nearly every Windows machine that still opens .chm files, and this is where our researchers focus their investigation.

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A program call HtmlHelper, which runs under the process name hh.exe, can open and execute CHM files. Unless you’ve alter your default programs, when you click on a CHM file, HtmlHelper will open and render it using Internet Explorer 7. Attackers can place malicious content inside a CHM file and trick victims into opening it. HtmlHelper contains several El Salvador WhatsApp Number List vulnerabilities and bypasses many of Windows 10’s security policies, according to our research. Researchers confirm such attacks work on all modern Windows operating systems including the latest version of Windows 10 as of the time of writing. What is the threat? Attackers could remotely log into your Windows PC and enjoy unfetter access. In a worst case scenario this could mean cybercriminals.

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Rifle through your personal and work files – opening yourself up to identity theft, blackmail or sextortion Use ransomware to lock you out Plant malware such as a keylogger to potentially unlock access to services like your online banking Hijack your machine and use for nefarious purposes such as cryptojacking Launch further attacks within TH Lists your network and distribute malware to your contacts Are hackers abusing HtmlHelper and CHM files? Yes! Malicious CHM files have been us by several major hacking groups and advanc persistent threat (APT) organizations. Notably, APT41 from China has target organizations in at least 14 countries.

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