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After the VPN connection is establish, open Tor Browser And that’s it. Really! You can now benefit from the combin anonymity, security, and privacy of both Tor and a VPN. Why use onion over VPN? Pros and cons The onion over VPN setup offers several benefits: Your ISP can see that you’re using a VPN, but not that you’re using Tor Your VPN cannot see what sites you visit or the contents of your connection You can access both dark web. onion sites You can anonymously surf the clear web.

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The Tor entry node cannot see your real IP address, only that of the VPN server You get the flexibility to use a VPN by itself with a normal browser for non-critical tasks But, there are also some drawbacks: Websites and apps can see that you’re Estonia Phone Number List visiting through a Tor exit node. Some sites might block you or not function well as a result. Your VPN can see your real IP address and knows you’re using Tor You could potentially expose data to compromis Tor exit nodes Using a VPN and Tor together will significantly slow down your connection Onion over VPN encryption and traffic flow onion over vpn When using Tor over VPN, your outbound internet data flow looks like this.

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Data is encrypt by the VPN Data is encrypt again by Tor Data is sent to the VPN server The VPN decrypts the data, but it is still encrypt by Tor Data is sent through the Tor network What happens next depends on whether you’re accessing the dark web or clear web. If you’re visiting a .onion site on the dark web, your data is decrypt upon arriving at its TH Lists destination. If you’re visiting the clear web, data is decrypt at a Tor exit node and forward to the website. Read more: Step by step guide to safely accessing the dark web For inbound traffic, the flow is as follows.

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