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Further, it can be manually installed on supported home routers. Pros: Faster than any other VPN we’ve tested Known for its excellent unblocking ability Expansive server network for Lithuania It’s not uncommon to arrive in Lithuania and realize that you can’t use some of your favorite services. Some, like Netflix, change their content bas on your location, while others are simply not available outside a specific region. Regardless, you can bypass censorship and region-locking by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while in Lithuania. Why does this work exactly? Well, most geo-restrict services find your location by examining your IP address.

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After connecting to a VPN, however, they can only see the country that your chosen server is in. In other words, it’s possible to access services that are normally only available in the US simply by choosing an Iceland Phone Number List American VPN server. As a bonus, VPNs encrypt your data, keeping it hidden from snoopers and allowing you to browse safely from anywhere. Looking for a quick guide to the best VPNs for Lithuania? Just check out our list below. Alternatively, keep reading: we’ll be covering each in more detail a little later. Best VPNs for Lithuania: NordVPN: Our first choice for Lithuania. Ideal for accessing foreign streaming services.

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Top-notch security features and the fastest spes on the market. Also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Surfshark: The best budget option for Lithuania. Offers steady spes, a true no-logs policy, and a strong selection of security features. Users can secure any number of devices at once. ExpressVPN: Veteran provider with consistently high TH Lists spes and an impressive security offering. Works great with services like Netflix and Hulu. CyberGhost: This user-friendly VPN is spey, security-conscious, and able to unblock a huge range of geo-restrict platforms from abroad. IPVanish: A fast, reliable all-rounder that’s pack with powerful security and privacy features.

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