It is no coincidence

It is no coincidence By one of the authors during an off-air interview in the dressing rooms. In this recording the presenter lashes out violently against the authors. Anyone who works in this sector knows very well that almost. All presenters sooner or later lash out at authors for various reason. Aome of which are valid while others are driven exclusively by tirness or. The arrogance of the success they have achiev.

One thing is certain nd

That is that it is always the presenter who seo expate bd is responsible for the success or failure of the program who puts his face to it. Is it legitimate for a discussion that took place in the itorial office to be broadcast by a competing television program? Where is the limit between the private sphere of a discussion between work colleagues and the public sphere? Flavio Insinna recently releas his own statement on Facebook taking responsibility for the insults but also reiterating the legitimacy of protecting privacy and one’s image.

It is true that a public

Figure chooses to show himself and submit TH Lists to the public’s judgement, but is there a limit? The actor has been heavily attack on social networks but the sentiment analysis is undoubtly in his favour. Furthermore, the Acqua Rocchetta-Brio Blu company, of which Insinna has been a testimonial for many years, has suspend the programming of the commercials and apologiz to its customers. I am sure that this story will not end any time soon as it benefits the Striscia la Notizia audience which with great skill manages to increase the number of viewers when the new competing program on Raiuno Soliti ignoti host by Amadeus regularly beats Miaset’s satirical news program . In the diagram above, the audience and share are compar. The winning program is in orange.

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