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With a PhD in cyber security and a solid level of experience in the industry, you will be able to aim for more advanc positions. Having a PhD under your belt can benefit you in your job applications and interviews for the following high-level jobs: Chief information security officer Cyber security consultant Penetration tester Cyber security analyst Security auditor Security architect Network administrator Cyber security consultant It’s crucial to keep in mind that some employers might actually prefer specific certificates over or in addition to a PhD.  Due to the breadth of a CISO’s role, the more vari certifications you have, the better.

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Extra qualifications that particularly valuable for the CISO role include: EC-Council’s Certifi Chief Information Security Officer SECO’s Certifi Information Security Officer (S-CISO) GIAC’s (Global Information Assurance Certification) GPEN certification ESCA – EC Council Certifi Security Analyst CISM – Certifi Information Security Switzerland WhatsApp Number List Manager CompTIA Security+ CISSP – Certifi Information Systems Security Professional CISA – Certifi Information Security Auditor 3. Gain the necessary years of experience It’s not a quick and easy process to move from being a graduate to gaining a CISO position. To reach this degree of seniority, you’ll ne to have gain many years’ experience in IT security.

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Most employers will Senior roles that people commonly hold before becoming a CISO include.require at least 10+ years in senior risk management and security roles. Also, bear in mind that, like most professions, you become an expert in your field after 20 years of relevant experience. For this reason, you have to be dicat to a very long-term plan if you want to become a chief information security officer. In terms of the experience you ne, there is no single route to attaining a job as a chief TH Lists information security officer. If you speak to different CISOs, you will hear a unique story each time.

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