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Nevada The Nevada Legislature has actually discuss this exact topic in 2019 as part of its.Nevada Silver Hair Legislative Forum.” During this, Laura Tucker, a Senior Deputy Attorney General gave. A presentation on scams that target older adults, as well as some things you can do to avoid them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the tips provid center around digital safety. CyberSafeNV has a collection of links to basic cybersecurity information for seniors. This should help give you a better understanding of the threats that are out there, which is a good starting point for further research. When you’re done, you can visit KnowBe4, which is offering free cybersecurity awareness training to anyone using the code.

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This digital class is actually quite impressive and explains everything from. Identifying a malicious email attachment to spotting the signs of social engineering. If you’re at least 62 years old and a Paraguay Phone Number List Nevada resident, you can get free tuition at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas during the fall or spring semesters and a 50 percent discount during the summer. New Hampshire New Hampshire doesn’t have any high-profile cyber-awareness campaigns or organizations. However, several places provide in-person training on the fundamentals of computer usage.

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Some, (like Exeter Library) may even allow you to access online classes from DigitalLearn and similar platforms. The University of New Hampshire and Granite State College both allow adults 65 and older to attend two classes per year, tuition-free. Best of all, full crit is given. Other institutions may also have similar waivers, so it can’t hurt to ask around if you had somewhere else in mind. New Jersey The New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications. We know for certain that Goffstown TH Lists Public Library, Exeter Library, and Manchester Senior Services Centers do, but it’s worth asking your local library or community center if they have something similar.

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