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The most interesting competitions for integration events – a list of ideas Below we present the most interesting ideas for competitions for integration events: Flying carpets – team building Team building competitions can be fun. One of these games is racing. Two selecte participants sit on the rug with their legs bent. Their task is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible, moving on the mats with worm motion. Here you nee to pay attention to the type of substrate – grass and rough surfaces are not suitable, it slides best on tiles and panels.

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Hula-hop – team building One of the simplest games that allows you to build the ability to work in a group. Two teams of several people stand in a circle and hold hands. Their task is to pass the hula hoop to other people, but – note – without letting phone number list go of their hands. Of course, the first team to pass the hula-hoop to the last participant wins. Kalambury – team building As competitions for integration events, it is worth betting on something known and like. One of the most popular games that is perfect for any party is puns. You can buy a ready-made set of questions or come up with your own.

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This option will be great if the questions are relate to the company. Field games On this occasion, it is impossible not to mention field games. There are a whole lot of them, so we will not list individual games, we will only mention that you nee enough TH Lists space to organize them. Preparing field games is time-consuming, but worth every effort, because it provides several hours of entertainment. 5. Detective – team building An interesting game that primarily engages the mind and can identify people with analytical thinking skills. The organizer prepares the crime scene, where he leaves clues to lead the perpetrator.

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