The first way is to increase

 Toward others, so you can use these responses for self-improvement and self-reflection. By using this ability, you will be able to build good relationships with everyone and remain polite. Learn to manage time Next is learning to manage your time. If you don’t manage your time well, everything you do will fall apart and you won’t finish on time. By applying this time management skill, you can divide your to-dos from primary to secondary. Indiki wants to give back After learning about Bangkit, he immediately felt the call to give back. On the outside, Dickey felt that many young Indonesians like him, who came from poor families, were looking for opportunities to improve their and their families’ well-being. IT education like Bangkit holds the promise of achieving this goal. Deep down, Dicky also .

Training and certifications like Bangkit

truly realizes that the skills and knowledge he relies on come from free IT. “With the help of the scholarship, I can grow and develop myself. I think now is the time for me to give back to the community by participating in the scholarship program as a contributor.” At Bangkit 2021, Dicky was designated as a dedicated contributor, teaching in the synchronous course. In total, he has hosted more whatsapp database than 90 cloud computing sessions on Google Cloud, where he shared his experiences on introduction to cloud computing, networking in cloud computing, preparing for the ACE exam, and more. Dicky also said that Bangkit has feelings for him. While Dicky was contributing to Bangkit 2021, he was going through some tough times in his personal life. Bangkit seems to have its own meaning.

Privileged to have the opportunity

 to Dicky, it’s a sign of him rising up and becoming stronger. He felt he also needed to share what he knew best—cloud computing. He is inspired by the fact that he and all 386 other volunteers can help young people get on a better path in life by acquiring life skills. “I feel  to teach students from all over TH Lists Indonesia. Although sometimes I ask ‘Am I doing a good job? “Some students have responded to me saying that I can teach the study material well. Other students have also come forward to say that they were inspired by my courses and their future goal is to become an IT educator.” Reading the heart-warming feedback from the students, Dickey shed tears of happiness. Students told him that Dickey was able to teach in simple language and simplify complex technical terms. 

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