This Business Structure is Popular in Southern India

This Business Structure They are non-financial business vehicles whose objective is only to accept and lend money to their members. Therefore, and is also known as a permanent fund, welfare fund, mutual fund, mutual company, etc. The basic motive behind the establishment of Nidhi Company was to develop the habit of thrift and saving. among their members. Through this article, we will know some basic facts about Nidhi Company.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

One of the best examples of such a service is Skype. You can talk freely over the internet. Therefore, Whether it is a technology-related manufacturing email leads or food processing-related industry, the complexity that arises in the process can lead to inefficiencies. Likewise, in the construction industry, the absence of a single entity can cause panic. To get its correct recording, either using the inflow, it can be easily operated which can provide the ideal results.

Loans From Members Only for Mutual Benefit

Restrictions on Nidhi Companies Nidhi is prohibited from engaging in any of TH Lists the following activities. Hosting funds, installment payments, lease financing, insurance or securities acquisition business. Therefore, Issue preferred stock or bonds. Open a member’s current account. Accept deposits or borrow money from persons other than members. Post any type of advertising. Enter into any agreement or pay a brokerage fee to receive any type of deposit.

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