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In anticipation that the server will accept many of the same parameters that the client prefers, the Client Hello also includes information that helps the server establish a secure connection as part of its response. When this is the case, it saves on a round of messages. This makes TLS 1.3 faster than previous versions of the protocol. If the server cannot meet the client’s expectations, they will have to renegotiate. When the server receives the Client Hello message, it sends the client a Server Hello message in response. This includes its choices from the Client’s list of preferences: The version of TLS. A nonce. The cipher suite. It’s key sharing parameters.

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Each of the above aspects are sent as plaintext, but the Server Hello also includes additional messages that have been encrypt with keys deriv from information aspects of the Server Hello Finland WhatsApp Number List message. These include: The server’s certificate. A Certificate Verify message that contains a digital signature from the server. A Finish message, which contains a HMAC that the client can use to verify the authenticity of the message. Once the server sends the Finish message, it can begin sending application data to the client. This application data is encrypt with a different set of keying material.

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Unless the client is also authenticating itself to the server (in which case it must send its certificate and the Certificate Verify message), all the client has to do is send its Finish message, which is also encrypt. It can then start sending application data to the server, although this is encrypt with different keying material. At this point, the TLS handshake TH Lists is complete. The TLS (SSL) handshake in depth Let’s take a look at what a typical TLS (SSL) handshake looks like. When you visit comparitech, your browser acts as the client, which connects to the server, ultimately bringing our web page onto your screen.

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