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There are many reputable certification agencies that specialize in cyber security, offering training programs cater to specific skillsets. Moreover, an employer may require or prefer that you have one or more of these certificates before they hire you as a security consultant. However, make sure you find out these requirements before signing up for any certificate programs. You don’t want to waste time and money on a qualification that a particular employer doesn’t consider necessary or preferable. The top cyber security qualifications that will enhance your employability include: IAPSC’s Certifi Security Consultant GIAC’s (Global Information.

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Assurance Certification) GPEN certification CompTIA Security+ CISSP – Certifi Information Systems Security Professional CISA – Certifi Information Security Auditor CEH – Certifi Ethical Hacker Certification IACRB’s CPT – Certifi Penetration Tester IARCB’s CEPT – Certifi Expert Penetration Tester CompTIA’s PenTest+ ESCA – EC Council Pakistan WhatsApp Number List Certifi Security Analyst 4. Know how to look for work Once you have all the necessary qualifications, you will be able to begin your job hunt. The process of finding and attaining the ideal role can take some time. However, you can spe up the process by knowing where to look for security consultant vacancies. For instance, if you would prefer to work for a governmental organization, we recommend exploring the following resources.

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National Security Agency Feral Bureau of Investigation Central Intelligence Agency On the other hand, you might feel the commercial sector is a better fit for your career path. In this case, there is no shortage of great companies to aim to work for. Some of the best firms hiring security consultants include. Booz, Allen, and Hamilton Ernst & Young Amazon Web Services, Inc. Intone Networks NCC Group Toyota You can also use the major job sites to find cyber security consultant TH Lists openings, including Inde, Monster, ZipRecuiter, Glassdoor, and LinkIn. Niche job sites like CyberSecurityJobsite and CyberSecJobs also regularly list security consultant vacancies.

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