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Maine State also offers a huge range of free digital literacy resources, mostly sourc from services like GCFLearn Free. These can be access without a library card and will teach you how to browse the internet safely, identify spam, and improve your system’s security. This is a solid starting point whether you’re new to computers or simply looking to enhance your knowlge of cybersecurity. Although there’s no state-mandat senior citizen discount, the University of Maine waives tuition and fees for residents 65 and over. You’ll be given full crit for the work you put in too, allowing you to graduate with a degree. Maryland There are a couple of ways to get free computer awareness training in Maryland. First, you could attend a class at Senior Planet’s office in Montgomery County.

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However, you’ll have to be at least 60 years old. On the plus side, this organization puts on separate events for Spanish speakers, so you can learn in whichever language you’re more comfortable in. If we’ve learn anything from our research, it’s that local libraries usually have some form of computer training. However, you’ll have to Kuwait Phone Number List get in contact with yours directly to ask, since most of the branches we check didn’t specifically mention this kind of thing on their websites or social mia pages. Enoch Pratt Free Library did, and also offers online classes, but these are more on general computer usage rather than cybersecurity.

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For those hoping to study computers at college, we have some good news; you can attend any University of Maryland campus, tuition-free, as long as you’re over 60, not in full-time employment, and primarily living off of retirement benefits. Massachusetts Government employees in Massachusetts may already be lin up for free cybersecurity training TH Lists through the Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program. You must have a government-issu email address to be eligible, though. Luckily, you can find free, publicly-available computer classes at numerous locations including Cambridge Senior Center, Rose Baker Senior Center, Boston Public Library, Springfield City Library, and Pollard Memorial Library.

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