Want to waste this opportunity

this makes AWS the number one cloud provider in the world today. Seeing that AWS provided an opportunity to learn cloud and back-end development for free at Dicoding, Bima did not . He is also enrolled in the AWS x Dicoding: Cloud and Backend Developer Scholarship Program. Bima was motivated by his desire to Reza applied to multiple partner companies at the Bangkit Career Fair. One of the job opportunities he targeted was JTI Top Gun, an internship program at an IBM subsidiary. But Reza clearly got more than that. Employers weren’t looking for job openings, they were looking for Reza. 

have a solid foundation in cloud

 computing. Bhima is convinced that if he has a solid knowledge base, it will be easier for him to explore this field one day. After a while, we discovered that there was an update on Swoole, one of the PHP open source projects. Simply put, Swoole will provide coroutines and channels for ws data PHP engineers. We were curious, what would happen if the most popular PHP version of the application was changed to use Swoole? Maybe like what happened in the Golang version of palingram, PHP applications can be faster. For those who have used goroutines, the API provided by Swoole is no stranger. Until then, the process of changing the application is well underway.

However we were pleasantly surprised

 when the app launched. Most RAM versions of PHP that use coroutines and channels run slower than PHP versions that don’t use coroutines and channels. This makes us realize that using coroutines does not necessarily make the program faster. We learn as much as TH Lists possible about the runtime characteristics of the platform we are using. So if there is an interesting concept in another programming language, this is a great opportunity for ATM aka observe, imitate and modify. Learn by reading code One of the benefits of open source is that the code is open for us to read. 

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