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For the latter, Nevada saw a 14 percent decline in the yearly salary for information security analysts from 2020 ($108,870) to 2021 ($93,920). This was the biggest decline for all states. Although some states have seen some year-on-year declines, the overall averages paint a more positive picture. Average US-wide changes: Average annual salary for cybersecurity roles increas. 5.29% from $107,580 (2020) to $113,270 (2021). # of people in cybersecurity roles increas. 13.93% from 138,000 (2020) to 157,220 (2021). Employment per 1,000 people (the number of jobs–employment–in the given occupation per 1,000 jobs in the given area) increas.

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Recent large-scale incidents, such as the Colonial Pipeline attack that crippl. the major fuel supplier for over a week, emphasize the importance of cybersecurity expertise. The job market looks set to continue growing for many years to come. But prospects look better in some states than others. Annual salary The biggest average salary increases for South Korea Phone Number List information security analysts were observ. in Iowa (44.29%), California (17.95%), South Carolina (17.19%), and Maryland (16.45%). These increases coincide with state-specific initiatives, such as an executive order that formaliz. the Cybersecurity Ecosystem Coordination Initiative in South Carolina. The program aims to create better-paid cybersecurity roles, encourage cyber organizations, and increase the cyber resources within the state.

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One state that saw a significant decline in average salary for cybersecurity roles was Alaska (-10.11%). This was in spite of the fact that average salaries across all other types of employment increas. for the state. Number of people in roles Although the average salary for information security analysts in Alaska has decreas. significantly, the number of people in these roles more than doubl. (from 70 to 210). This suggests the average salary decline could be TH Lists due to saturation within these roles with increasing demand for the jobs lowering competition between employers. In West Virginia, the number of cybersecurity roles took a pretty sharp nos.ive of 32 percent, falling from 250 to 170.

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