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I told him that I would love to talk to him about my idea. He agre. to receive me; I got on a flight and arriv. in Cupertino. When I walk. into his office, he greet. me in his jeans, a black T-shirt, and sandals. His desk was absolutely stack. with all sorts of things, including, of course, an Apple II. I describ. to him what I had been doing, and how impress. I was with his device. Other people thought it was a toy but I saw something serious in it and I thought that with time a kit like this would be on every doctor’s table in the world.

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I told him that I thought my show could be a means to that end, and I would love to get his thoughts on it, and if he would be willing to do something to help advance that idea. He told me that he was very impress. with what I had done, and USA Phone Number List that he agre. with the potential for the future, but add. “frankly, I’m not interest. in working with you on this.” I ask. him why. He said “You have to understand. This is something that no one in the world understands yet. I can’t be distract.. I’m trying to make the best hammer that I can make, the best hammer in the world.

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You can use my hammer to break something, or to build something. It doesn’t really matter what you do with my hammer. I just want TH Lists to make the best hammer possible. And what you’re doing is a wonderful example of construction, but for me it would be distracting.” So that was pretty much the end of our conversation. There was nowhere else to go after that; I thank. him for his time and flew back to Los Angeles.

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