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How can I check if my version of The Great Suspender is safe? Problems only start to appear after The Great Suspender sold in June 2020. As such, any version releas by the original developer should be safe to use. In other words, if you’re using The Great Suspender version 7.1.6 or earlier, you should be fine. Realistically, though, why take the risk? The current owner could take all older versions offline whenever they like. Worse still, they could create a compromis version with the same name. Plus there better, easier-to-install options out there. There’s simply no ne to stay loyal to a service that attempt to monitor you without your knowlge.

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For peace of mind, run a malw scan At this point, it’s hard to say what exactly The Great Suspender doing. In fact, given what we know about the malicious update and the fact that its code obfuscat (e.g. made intentionally difficult to read), it seems like this a deliberate decision. First things first: it’s a good idea to scan your system for malw. We recommend Uruguay WhatsApp Number List using Avira Free Antivirus; it’s lighweight and not only scans for malw, but adw, spyw, and other potentially unwant programs too. Once you’re done, it’s time to start changing the passwords of any services you’ve us since the malicious update in November.

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We don’t know for sure whether users’ login crentials stolen, but the risk is too high to ignore the possibility. While you’re at it, why not use our password strength checker to make sure your accounts as safe as possible? How can I recover my lost tabs from The Great Suspender? Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to recover tabs if you no longer have access to The Great Suspender. Your only option is to look through your browser’s history, reopening any tabs that you hadn’t gotten TH Lists around to yet. If a tab suspend, then lost before you could revisit it, its URL might include the string.

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