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If you find the post useful, share it on Google+ The morale Surely it has become clear to you where this is going; If your work, your content, is not focus., you will NEVER be able to make the best content for your niche, for the market and much less for the world. Focus, focus, focus, is the rule in marketing. If Jobs hadn’t focus., and hadn’t miss. important opportunities like the one present. to him by that cardiologist in Cupertino, probably today instead of reading this on a Mac.

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An iPad or an iPhone, you’d be thinking why the hell would Has anyone come up with something that allows me to carry and read my content anywhere?The importance of targeting content marketing. A lesson from Steve Jobs. March , Viewsbylouis maram Steve Jobs Written by Luis Maram Steve Jobs anecdote that makes clear the Fax Lists importance of focusing and why doing so is vital for content marketing. Read it now! What will you find in this content? Why focus the content? And Steve Jobs? The morale Being focus. is good advice for professional life in general, however, in content marketing , it takes on core relevance. Steve Jobs Why focus the content? Simple, the one who wants to be everything to everyone, ends up being nothing to anyone.

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You ne. to define what you are going to talk about in your content and that is ti. to your Buyer Persona and the objective that you pursue Are you a cardiologist and want to influence the issue of prevention? Then you can generate the best content siteprevention for heart disease, which can go from a large blog to the extent of your imagination TH Lists and budget, but you must focus the content, answering questions, showing trends, showing examples, including infographics, videos, cartoons or any other content. always relat. to prevention for heart disease. You can’t talk about anything else; you can’t be distract.

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