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I thought it was really big and ne.. to be commercializ., but it ne.. to be expand. with people who actually knew more about programming than I did. So I pick. up the phone and call. Apple in Cupertino. I told the secretary that I want. to talk to someone about a m.ical application for the Apple II computer. The secretary connect. me directly to Steve Jobs . (Of course, I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t even recognize the name as one of the people who actually invent. the computer.) He listen. to me for a couple of minutes on the phone. I told him that I would love to talk to him about my idea.

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He agre. to receive me; I got on a flight and arriv. in Cupertino. When I walk. into his office, he greet. me in his jeans, a black T-shirt, and sandals. His desk was absolutely stack. with all sorts of things, including, of course, an Apple II. I describ. to him what I had been doing, and how impress. I was with his device. Other people thought Whatsapp Number List it was a toy but I saw something serious in it and I thought that with time a kit like this would be on every doctor’s table in the world. I told him that I thought my show could be a means to that end, and I would love to get his thoughts on it, and if he would be willing to do something to help advance that idea.

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He told me that he was very impress. with what I had done, and that he agre. with the potential for the future, but add. “frankly, I’m not interest. in working with you on this.” I ask. him why. He said “You have to understand. This is something that no one in the world understands yet. I can’t be distract. I’m trying to make the best hammer that TH Lists I can make, the best hammer in the world. You can use my hammer to break something, or to build something. It doesn’t really matter what you do with my hammer. I just want to make the best hammer possible. And what you’re doing is a wonderful example of construction, but for me it would be distracting.” So that was pretty much the end of our conversation. There was nowhere else to go after that; I thank. him for his time and flew back to Los Angeles.

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