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When you go online, you probably don’t give a lot of thought to what goes on under the hood to make it all happen. You probably care far more about the memes or YouTube videos than the complex technical details of how they end up on your phone. While it may be instantaneous, a whole lot has to happen for your device—the client—to connect to a website like Facebook, which acts as the server. Our information ecosystem is compos of a huge mishmash of different standards, protocols, procures, ciphers and a whole lot more. The client—your phone or computer—will support a bunch of these in an order of preference, while it won’t be compatible with others.

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Facebook’s server will do the same, but many of its protocols, standards, ciphers and all of the rest may be different to those on your phone or computer. Some clients and servers won’t have the latest versions, while others will refuse to connect in an insecure manner. Essentially, when the client and server meet, they have to sort through this Germany WhatsApp Number List mess of different systems to find an acceptable and mutually intelligible way of communicating. This is what the handshake is for. It may be helpful to think of the handshake through an analogy: Travelers from distant lands Picture two people from distant lands communicating for the first time.

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They come from extremely different cultures, with their own languages, customs, manners and much more. However, both people are extremely well-travel and have pick up many of the various systems TH Lists from the places they have travel through. The two people want to do business together, so they ne to be able to communicate clearly and effectively. But how can they do so when they have so many different options to choose from? If they don’t agree beforehand, they may confuse the German ‘nein’ for the number ‘nine.

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