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A friendly Western thumbs up could be misinterpret as the offensive Iranian gesture. What if they want to keep their communications confidential? Should they use a simple Caesar cipher, where every letter is shift one place to the right. A equals B, B equals C, C equals D, and so on. This would make a word like ‘Hello’ become ‘Ifmmp’. Or, should they use a system like Pig Latin, where ‘Hello’ would really be ‘ello-hay’? As you can see, they have a whole lot of options to choose from, but the important thing is that they both agree on which systems they will use, and how they will use them.

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A good way to decide is to just list out all of the options they know, in order of preference. Traveler A could lay out a list like this: Alphabet Roman Arabic Cyrillic Language English Spanish Arabic Russian Gestures Western South Asian Ciphers Pig Latin Caesar cipher Unit of measurement Metric Imperial Traveler B could then go through the Greece WhatsApp Number List list and choose their preferences from the available options. They might send back a message with their choices, for example: Alphabet – Roman Language – Spanish Gestures – South Asian Cipher – Pig Latin Unit of measurement – Metric Once traveler A receives Traveler B’s message, they will know exactly how to communicate in their future correspondence.

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They could clearly discuss or send letters about their business dealings, without being muddl up. The communications wouldn’t be encrypt with a cipher that the other party couldn’t decrypt, nor would they TH Lists expectantly end up with 1,000lb of wheat when they really want 1,000kg. Handshaking: Establishing the communication parameters The scene that we have outlin above is analogous to what happens during a more technical handshake. The only major difference is the types of parameters that are us in computer communications.

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