Advertising spending slows what does it hold for advertising

2022 has been marked by instability. The end of the pandemic came hand in hand with the economic crisis and the outbreak of the Ukrainian War, and although it has been understood as the first year of economic recovery after the ravages of Covid- 19 in the economy

Advertising investment data is higher Advertising spending  than those obtained during 2021 , the advertising industry faces a complicated panorama. As expressed in MAGNA ‘s “Global Ad Forecast” report. It is estimated that global advertising investment will reach $833 billion in 2023 , a growth of 5% compared to 2022. That is, below the growth achieved in 2022 (+7%) and in 2021 (+23%).

The hard blow to online Advertising spending 

2022 has been a year marked by the crisis and large advertisers do not escape it.  For example, Meta made the decision to lay off approximately 13% of its staff. The profits of Alphabet , Google ‘s parent company. Plummeted , in addition. The company’s advertising business is beginning to show company data signs of slowing down. 

As Digi day points out , the slowdown was inevitable, “the goose that lays the golden eggs” that was online advertising, would have to end at some point. 

The challenges for advertisers:

But there are also positive points, unemployment. Which usually TH Lists goes hand in hand with financial crises. Remains low in mature markets, such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. 

As the Digiday media outlet expresses. This allows people to feel more secure in getting out of the current crisis. This is good news for advertisers, especially those seeking to convince consumers to accept rising prices , resulting from increased production costs. 

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