Tips to communicate better in email messages

So if it comes to internal communication. Email is not the best channel for all types of messages. Furthermore, according to this information revealed by Kaiako. Therefore, Email is the email messages least preferred customer service route for consumers with 23%; The telephone. And chat are higher up thanks to their immediacy in the responses. To be honest, it is likely that we have all taken more than 24 hours to respond to. An important email and also that we have received a very late response.

Optimize the subject line email messages

Communication begins even before the first word of the email, since the subject is part of the message, since it contextualizes it and establishes a premise. It’s a first executive data impression, so it counts a lot. It doesn’t matter if you are a networker building a network of contacts , if you only send corporate emails or if you are sending an offer to a client, a good subject line will help you stand out.


Be concise avoid over communication

Not only is there such a thing as over-communication, but it’s very easy to fall into it when sending emails. Remember the statistic that says 62% of the emails the average employee TH Lists receives are unimportant? It hides a great example of corporate over-communication, some organizations send their employees too many emails with information that is not necessary for everyone. Furthermore, it is not only about the number of emails, but also the importance of the information contained in each one.

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