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Campaigns that are truly role models in corporate responsibility marketing. That is why we have design. our Social Responsibility Marketing training. What is Social Responsibility Marketing Social responsibility marketing is the set of marketing actions focus. On communicating the purpose, position and actions of a brand or company. In terms of corporate responsibility. Social responsibility marketing can use tools such as social listening generation of optimiz. and segment. content social m.ia tactics (organic and paid) AI tools like ChatGPT or MidJourney email marketing actions digital PR, among others. Are you interest. in learning how to do it.

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Check out this conference we gave on the subject. Social Responsibility Marketing Training Duration. Hours Through our six-hour FACE-TO-FACE OR ONLINE TRAINING (usually divid. Into two three-hour sessions), we guarantee a general understanding of the DIGITAL landscape. And how to create a socially responsible marketing Malaysia Phone Number List Strategy that works within it. Our training in social responsibility marketing, personaliz. One by one where you can solve all your doubts. Social Responsibility Marketing Training What am I going to learn. At the end of our training in social responsibility marketing you will be able to. Develop a clear digital marketing plan to spread the social responsibility. Of your company or organization according to your objectives.

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Understand who your audience (stakeholders) really is Determine. What type of content you must create to attract it Know. Which are the indicators that must be communicat. Delimit with fundamentals which social m.ia actions you. Will follow and in which networks Apply email marketing to create a constant channel of communication Inform the m.ia and TH Lists influencers to seek the publication of third parties Choose key digital tools (free and paid) that can workTraining in digital marketing for CSOs and foundations There are many options to learn online marketing, but very few specializ. ones for civil society organizations, non-profit institutions or business foundations.

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