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Digital marketing training focus. on content marketing. Content, social networks, artificial intelligence such as or DALLE email marketing. Audience persona, customer journey it is easy to get lost in the whirlwind of current digital marketing terms. What is the objective that your brand or organization pursues on the internet? Reaching it depends on the ability to understand your audience and generate a strategy to win the game of attention . Welcome to our digital marketing training. Attention is the currency of greatest value today. All brands fight for it in a world that is increasingly oversaturat. with channels and information.

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With us you can learn to attract the audience that interests you, using digital tools, through a solid strategy. Digital Marketing Training Training in digital marketing. | Course taught in Mazatlán, Mexico. DIigital is today the main way for a Hong Kong Phone Number List brand organization to generate connections. However, the enormous amount of, the dizzying and continuous updating of the digital environment and the immense offer of online .ucation, more than clarifying doubts, generates a framework of confusion. How to know exactly what to learn to put it into practice? Content-focus. digital marketing training Duration hours.

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Through our six-hour TRAINING (usually divid. into two three-hour sessions), we ensure a general understanding of the digital landscape and how to create an inbound, content-bas. strategy. In our training we explain. Brand site Social networks Blogging press rooms Newsletters PR However, the enormous amount of content that exists on the web usually generates more noise than relevant connections, and therefore. Developing TH Lists CONTENT is essential in this task, and some of the channels where it should be creat. Talent attraction investment attraction The power of content today Digital marketing is today the main way for a brand  organization to generate connections.

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