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Thus, the transactions carrid out on a computer are mainly done during working hours, while those on mobile are done on weekdays early in the morning, in the evening and even more so all weekend. Cross-device transactions H2 2016 Mobile Commerce Business Report – Criteo Online advertising must therefore adapt to these new practices, as Google is currently doing. Cross-Device Remarketing seen by Google Previously announcd by Google, the new feature will be available on the AdWords Display Network and DoubleClick Manager from May 15.

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Cross-device remarketing With Google’s cross-device remarketing, your advertising campaign can reach users who have already visitd your  website Latest Mailing Database regardless of the device they use. Let’s take an example. Ms. Martin went from her office computer to your website. She spottd a cute dress, but didn’t make a purchase since she was at work and it was rather inappropriate. Coming home from work, on the subway, she is looking for recipe ideas on the Internet for dinner and she sees an advertisement for your site appear. She thinks that this pretty dress would still be perfect for this summer.

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An then, as she has to get off at her station, she puts her smartphone away. In the evening, at home, comfortably installd on her sofa, she TH Lists takes her tablet to watch the TV program. Once again, she comes across one of your advertisements inviting her to finalize her purchase. This time is a good time to buy, So if you want Martin to buy your products, you know what you have to do. A clue ? You will find your answer by contacting one of our certifid Google Adwords experts.

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