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Participation in a football match will relieve tensions between individual employees, teach them how to compete, and at the same time provide a lot of amazing experiences. 15 reliable team building games – blind trust Another idea that perfectly checks communication and the level of careful listening. “Blind Trust” also teaches healthy competition while providing lots of great fun. Preparing the game requires a bit more commitment. The organizers create an obstacle course enriche with interesting tasks to perform. The players pair up.

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The person who will overcome the obstacle course is blindfolde. Her guide is the second player. The team that completes the track the fastest wins. Music puns A great example of a game that will make you cry! The so-calle classic of the genre. The chosen Latest Mailing Database person draws a song, which he must present to the other players without revealing the title and artist. Collaborators can split into two or three groups (depending on the number of participants) or play individually. Team building games and employee competences Employee competencies – how to develop them? Employee development methods can be different, but it is worth remembering that team building games are perfect for this role.

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Especially when it comes to the so-calle soft skills. They teach communication, cooperation and build good relationships between team members. What specific competences do integration games develop? In addition to the already mentione TH Lists communication and cooperation, neee in virtually every profession, team building games also teach creativity. In everyday work, there is not always an opportunity to show it, to give it an outlet, and joint games show that employees often have a lot of innovation. It is worth using them for the good of the company – and employees who will feel appreciate when we use their ideas.

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