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You should expect to pay between .5,000–.20,000 in tuition fees over the course of two years. Jobs you can apply for with an Associate degree in cyber security After graduating with a cyber security Associate degree, you will be able to apply for the following entry-level cyber security occupations: Network or IT security analyst Cyber security associate Cyber security or cyber threat analyst Information system security officer Cyber security penetration tester Cyber security Associate degree salary Bas. on a few of the cyber security roles list. above, you can expect the following salary for an entry-level position.

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Cyber security analyst: .63,000 Penetration tester68,000 Information security officer: .67,000 Network security analyst: .57,000 As we can see, an Associate degree can lead to a junior role with a relatively high starting salary compar. to many other fields. The top schools for an Associate cyber security degree Here are a few examples of the Argentina Phone Number List best schools offering an online Associate program in cyber security: Georgia Military College’s AS in Cyber Security Palo Alto College’s Associate of Appli. Science in Information and Cybersecurity University of the Potomac’s Associate of Science in Network Security Management Cyber security Bachelor’s degree A Bachelor’s cyber security degree is between an Associate degree and a Master’s program.

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A Bachelor’s degree will usually take four years to complete. Many employers will ask that you have a Bachelor’s degree in cyber security or a relat. subject before considering you for an entry-level or mid-level position (although for some mid-level jobs, you will ne. both a Bachelor’s degree and a certain number of years of experience). This is because TH Lists this type of cyber security degree will provide you with some essential skills and insights that may be absent from an Associate degree. And if it’s not necessary, this type of degree may at least be consider. preferable or desirable by an employer.

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