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You should expect to pay between .20,000–.120,000 for your tuition fees, although most programs are in the .35,000–.70,000 range. Jobs you can apply for with a Bachelor’s degree in cyber security After gaining a cyber security Bachelor’s degree, you will be in a good position to apply for the following positions: Certifi. ethical hacker Computer forensics analyst Cryptanalyst Cryptographer Data protection officer Information security analyst Information security officer Malware analyst IT auditor Penetration tester Security architect Security consultant Security director Security engineer.

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Security manager Security software engineer Security specialist System administrator Cyber security Bachelor’s degree salary Bas. on a few of the occupations list. above, you can expect to earn the following in an entry-level role with a Bachelor’s Armenia Phone Number List degree in cyber security under your belt: Certifi. ethical hacker: 77,000 Information security analyst 60,000 Penetration tester: .68,000 Security engineer: .71,000 As we can see, gaining a Bachelor’s qualification can lead to junior positions that have higher salaries than an entry-level job that you can obtain with an Associate degree. The top schools for a Bachelor’s cyber security degree Here are a few of our top picks for the best schools offering an online Bachelor’s program in cyber security.

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Bellevue University’s Bachelor of Science Cybersecurity Degree Norwich University’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security University of Maryland’s Online Bachelor’s Degree: Computer Networks and Cybersecurity Cyber security Master’s degree A Master’s degree in cyber security is between a Bachelor’s degree and a PhD program. It will take you TH Lists one to two years to complete a Master’s degree if you study full-time, and three to four years if you take a part-time course. Since a Master’s degree in cyber security is more advanc. than a Bachelor’s program, you can expect to study more complex concepts and topics. It is unlikely that you will ne. a Master’s cyber security degree for a given entry-level role. However, for mid-level and more senior roles, a relevant Master’s degree may be a requirement.

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