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As such, it’s likely that there are computer classes available that simply aren’t advertis online. For this reason, we’d advise getting in touch with local organizations to see if they offer any kind of free computer training for seniors. There’s no state-sanction tuition waiver for older adults in Arizona. That said, if you’re interest in studying computers further, it can’t hurt to ask your preferr college if they offer any kind of discounts or auditing program for seniors. Arkansas Arkansas actually makes it pretty simple to get inform about cybersecurity. The Attorney General’s office holds regular webinars on topics like scam identification and digital safety, and you can even request a personal presentation for larger groups of people.

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If you’re a member of any library in Central Arkansas, Pine Bluff Jefferson County, Arkansas River Valley, or East Central library systems, you can log in and access LearningExpress computing courses free Jamaica Phone Number List of charge. These are fairly broad, and there’s little information specifically on security, but they will give you a better understanding of how computers and the internet work. The University of Arkansas has creat a free online course call CyberGym that lets you see if cybersecurity is a field you might be interest in pursuing professionally. If so, good news: Section 6-60-204 of the Arkansas code waives all university fees for residents ag 60+. You’ll also be given full crit, whereas seniors in other states often have to settle for non-crit courses.

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California As you might expect given its tech crentials, California offers a variety of ways for its residents to learn computer basics. First, many local libraries (including Richmond Public, and Anaheim Public) offer their own computer classes. There is also an abundance of grassroots organizations providing free tech classes, such as San Francisco’s TH Lists Community Living Campaign and Senior Planet (though the latter is limit to adults 60 years and older). If you’d rather jump right in, the Attorney General offers a decent selection of blog posts on the fundamentals of digital privacy. These are available in Spanish and English. You could also make your way through DigitalLearn’s online computer classes, which come recommend by Los Angeles Public Library.

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