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This tends to focus more on identifying fake news, stopping yourself from oversharing, and learning basic online etiquette. That said, there is a small section on cybersecurity too. If you’d rather attend an in-person class, Senior Planet offers training at its office in Lowry. However, you can only attend if you’re sixty years or older. Alternatively, your best bet is to get in touch with your local library or senior center. For instance, Fruita Community Center runs a weekly computer fundamentals class specifically for older adults. Longmont Public Library is one of the many locations offering access to a variety of online computer courses via LearningExpress; just login with your library card and you can get start in minutes.

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Further, it has free online presentations on topics like internet safety, passwords, and troubleshooting that can be access by anyone. As there’s no state-wide tuition waiver in Colorado, different Jordan Phone Number List institutions have varying rules regarding older students. They’re generally pretty favorable, though; for instance, the Metro Meritus program allows residents ag 60+ to attend in-person classes at the Metropolitan State University of Denver for free, without receiving crit. Colorado State University has a similar Lifelong Learners program that applies to those ag 55 and over. Connecticut The state’s website has a one-page document with general cybersecurity advice.

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However, this only covers the very basics, like keeping your antivirus software up to date. It also has a cybersecurity hub with a collection of links from a variety of sources that explain how to create a strong password and turn off location services, among similar topics. One teenager from Madison, Connecticut actually set up TH Lists his own website, Tech-Savvy-Seniors, with the goal of ucating older adults about the internet. It offers short webinars on internet safety, using social mia, and shopping online. All of these are completely free to watch, with no registration requir.

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