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This is just a brief overview of why The Great Suspender taken off of the Google Chrome web store. However, GitHub user TheMageKind has written a fantastic, extremely detail explanation of the situation. If you have the time, we highly recommend giving it a read; it manages to be both technically detail and easy to follow. Secondly, it uses your browser’s native functions to store tab locations. This means that even if the extension is taken down or your browser crashes, you won’t have to recover your tabs manually. Auto Tab Discard is available for Firefox, Chrome, ge, and Opera.

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For novices New Tab Suspender firefox alternative to the great suspender If you’re not bother about advanc functionality and would rather just have a fire and forget solution, New Tab Suspender might be just what you ne. This is a stripp-down extension that’s very easy to use, with just a handful of features including a whitelist and the option to Venezuela WhatsApp Number List automatically suspend tabs after a fix period of time. Like the option above, New Tab Suspender uses native storage features to make sure you never have to manually dig through your browser history looking for tabs that lost or overwritten. Again, this extension is open-source, so there’s no ne to worry about it compromising your security.

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New Tab Suspender supports both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For the chronically disorganiz: OneTab one tab alternative to the great suspender OneTab works a little differently from the other extensions we’ve recommend. It doesn’t technically suspend your tabs at all; rather, with the click of a button, it closes them all and opens a new tab with links to the relevant pages. Of course, since you’ll only have one tab open and there no scripts running in the background, your CPU TH Lists and RAM requirements should drop significantly.

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