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In fact, OneTab claims it can ruce your memory usage by up to 95 percent. Users can choose to open links one at a time, or all together. Additionally, while your tab list is usually only visible to you, it’s possible to create a shable, online copy in case you ne to access your tabs across multiple devices. There is a slight caveat though. Because OneTab stores your tab list in a folder that is frequently overwritten, there is a chance that if your browser crashes, your tabs will be lost. Luckily, OneTab has a feature that lets you save a backup, and it’s a good idea to use this regularly.

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Further, with The Great Suspender no longer available in the Chrome web store, there’s never been a better time to switch. That’s why we’ve put together a list of three alternatives, each design to benefit a particular type of user. While The Great Suspender only available on Google Chrome, all of our recommendations support other Vietnam WhatsApp Number List browsers too. 3 Safe and secure alternatives to The Great Suspender Let’s take a look at some of the best tab management extensions you can use instead of The Great Suspender: For the power user: Auto Tab Discard power-user alternative to the great suspender Auto Tab Discard is essentially an open-source, more customizable alternative to The Great Suspender.

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It allows you to easily move between open tabs and offers a ton of advanc features to really help you customize your setup. For instance, users can: Discard pages only if they have a mia element Permanently close tabs if they’re still inactive after a set number of hours Discard all pinn (or unpinn) tabs when the browser starts up Discard specific tabs bas on whether you have an internet connection or not Only discard tabs if the website is allow to show you desktop notifications Neless to say, this is an TH Lists extremely flexible application with all kinds of use cases.

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