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What is the Trinity method? According to Bryan Eisenberg.  All the variables that impact the conversion rate can be classified into categories. Relevance Are you relevant to the wants and needs of what the user is looking for? Value : Do you let him know why you are the right solution and more, for him? Call to action : Do you know what action to take and can you do it with confidence. The Trinity method is widely used to evaluate PPC ads. Does the ad that appears when you do a Google search match it? (Relevance); Does the ad text give you something to get you interested in it.

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Is the statement that invites you to click persuasive (call to action). Look at this example with the search. How to obtain the ESR Badge? and the ad that appears on Google. Look at the three qualities of the Trinity Method, which I have placed Canada Phone Number List in different colors for you to appreciate. Trinity method example Now, with your content you can do just the same. This content is secret, until you share it on Facebook Relevance Does your content directly respond to a concern of your users? See how some articles match exactly what the user is searching for on Google; That is why in content marketing, the creation of headlines and the development of snippets or the way in which.

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Google shows the results of your page, is vital. Look at the example and the three qualities of the Trinity Method, which I have placed in the same colors as in the ad example. Now, the change does not only come with the content per se, but even TH Lists from the way we develop the titles; We have already seen that writing heads in content marketing is a practice that demands a lot of attention if we want them to read our content , but now the situation becomes even more important. How to write titles for this new stage of content.

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